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Secure e-mail exchange

The pervasive use of e-mail has become an ideal channel for targeted cyber attacks, resulting in signifcant losses and damages. All of which results in reputational, financial, and compliance issues for companies, governments and military alike.

Safe and secure e-mail exchange based on your rules

It has been nearly four decades since the invention of e-mail. Despite the growth of other communications channels, e-mail remains a central way to communicate in most governments, organisations and companies across the world.

Today, IT departments are becoming increasingly aware of the risk of careless information handling with each breach or new governmental regulation.

E-mail is the mainstream method to exchange files and information, and unrestricted e-mail usage sometimes equates in thoughtless storage and transmission of sensitive information.

Nonetheless, abolishing all sensitive data from e-mail is unrealistic in today’s digital world.

Policy based e-mail exchange

E-mail Guard allows for two-way, policy based e-mail exchange between network boundaries. Only “permitted by you” message validation – policy based validation – allows all messages including attachments to be sent through an information centric content inspection. Passing through only what is permitted and denying all other information transfer through the inherent allowlisting functionality. This results in safe and secure two-way communication without the loss of information on the outbound exchange. and protecting receivers on the inbound exchange.

Key features and benefits

  • Domain (network) based, policy driven e-mail exchange with ”permitted by you” validation
  • Quick and convenient e-mail transfers between varying levels of security domains (networks)
  • Mitigation of Cyber Attacks through e-mail, including Zero Day
  • Control of information exchange inside and outside your domains (networks) including non- delivery reports for blocked content
  • Good Governance and Compliance with traceability, auditing and reporting
  • Powerful, yet intuitive, graphical configuration and administration management tools

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