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Ransomware attacks on municipalities and similar organisations are more frequent than ever. The attacks can block all computers, and thus all digital communication, with the attacker demanding a huge ransom to unblock them. Avoiding digital communication is hardly an option in today's world. The only way to protect digital communication and not fall victim to these attacks is to work with cybersecurity in a consistent and structured way. 

Integrity and privacy are attacked

Almost all information is digital today; convenient in many ways. Municipalities deal with much sensitive digital information; private information that unauthorised persons should be able to see. A ransomware attack can change this in a second – resulting in that citizens’ integrity and privacy no longer is safe.


Cybersecurity – your responsibility towards your citizens

To avoid falling victim to ransomware attacks, consistent and structured work with cybersecurity is necessary. This is emphasised in new legislation with higher demands on information security. Cybersecurity is simply your responsibility and the only viable way to secure municipalities’ digital communication.


Obtain security insight – the start of keeping integrity and privacy safe

The first step to working proactively with cybersecurity is to obtain security insight through a risk and security analysis. Based on the analysis, it is possible to evaluate the requirements to make sure that the right level of security is defined according to the identified challenges.

Read the Advenica case “Securing municipalities' digital communication” and learn more about:

  • millions of reasons why you should invest in cybersecurity
  • new legislation that sets higher demands on information security
  • how to obtain security insight
  • how you keep your citizens’ integrity and privacy safe

Find the case here.

Ransomware attacks are more frequent than ever. The attacks can block all computers, and thus access all digital communication, with the attacker demanding a huge ransom to unblock them. Maintaining the security and privacy of information; i.e. information security, is therefore a growing area of concern. Information security compliance means your organisation meets the standards for data privacy and information security that apply to your specific industry. And compliance brings significant benefits to you and your business!

Information security compliance helps you avoid fines and penalties

There are a few fairly new regulations regarding information security and data privacy – like GDPR, the EU NIS Directive and other local security protection legislation. Breaches can in certain cases lead to severe fines and penalties. The most obvious benefit of information security compliance is that your business avoids the risk of penalties.


Information security compliance protects your company’s reputation

A data breach or a ransomware attack inevitably harms your company’s reputation, undermining your customer’s trust and sending a message that your company does not take appropriate measures to protect the privacy and security of its customers. With information security compliance, you avoid putting your company’s reputation on the line by being forced to notify customers about a breach. Instead your company’s reputation is safely protected, and your business can run as per usual.

Information security compliance makes you more efficient

To be compliant with new security protection legislation, you have to work with information security in a consistent and structured way. An information policy must be in place and information has to be structured in the best possible way. By doing this, you make sure that staff has access to the right information at the right time, which very often means that business efficiency increases.

Information security compliance means no surprises

When information security work is carried out in a consistent and structured way, you obtain the best possible control of both the critical information and the information processes in the company. New surprises will not occur, and when regulating authorities visit, you do not have to worry – your processes make sure your company fulfils all required regulations.

Information security compliance

Information security compliance makes your business life easier

The digital world poses some huge challenges to information security. The risk of attacks and the consequent costs, bad reputation, loss of customers and extra work is something to be avoided. Working in a consistent and structured way with information security and securing compliance makes your everyday business much easier. By taking control of information security, you can be confident and focus your efforts on growing your business.

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