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Welcome to Advenica – the highest level of cybersecurity for critical data in motion

Digitalisation requires a high level of responsibility to protect valuable information. Advenica’s experience and world-class high assurance cybersecurity solutions raise information security and ensure efficient, safe data exchange up to Top Secret classification. Our unique products are designed, developed and manufactured in Sweden.

  • National security
    Advenica delivers high assurance solutions and development projects to the armed forces, intelligence and security agencies in several countries. Our unique products are proven in highly operative environments and are used for communication classified up to Top Secret.
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  • Public sector
    Advenica helps government agencies, county councils, municipalities and other authorities to protect classified information and keep their infrastructure running. Our unique products and services raise information security and ensure efficient and safe data exchange.
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  • Critical infrastructure
    Advenica helps organisations and companies responsible for energy production and distribution, water supply, transport, banking, financial market infrastructures, healthcare, digital infrastructure, and digital services. Our solutions raise information security in a unique way to keep infrastructure up and running at all times.
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  • Corporate
    Advenica helps companies and organisations make the most of digitalisation without jeopardizing valuable information critical to everyday and future business. Our unique products and services raise information security and ensure efficient and safe data exchange.
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  • National Security
  • Public sector
  • Critical infrastructure
  • Corporate
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