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Our products ensure that you can protect your digital information

Advenica has extensive experience of future-proof and sustainable solutions that protect what matters most – your digital information. With our products, networks can be physically isolated while information can be exchanged securely.

Cross Domain Solutions

Enables secure information exchange that takes place unidirectionally, bidirectionally or between independent networks (airgap)

Advenica’s Cross Domain Solutions enable strictly controlled and filtered information exchange between domains with different security and protection needs, such as databases, servers, applications or combinations of these.

Approved at the highest security level

Our data diode is the only one on the market that has received N3 approval (HEMLIG / TOP SECRET) by the Swedish Armed Forces. It is also approved at the highest level in several other countries.

Data diodes

SecuriCDS Data Diode not only prevents intrusion and maintains network integrity but just as effectively prevents leakage and maintains network confidentiality. This high assurance solution safeguards assets for operators within ICS/SCADA or the defence industry.


ZoneGuard offers a custom fitted yet simple information policy-based solution empowering organisations who need to enable secure, precise information exchange between varying security domains.


SecuriRAM is a self-erasing USB drive designed to transport a limited amount of information. Its unique feature is the ability to completely erase all its content either manually, by the user, or automatically after 24 hours of inactivity.

Network Encryptors

Approved at the highest security level

Advenica’s encryption products protect files and networks against unauthorized modification, interception and access. They are approved up to and including HEMLIG / TOP SECRET (Sweden), NATO CONFIDENTIAL (Sweden), SECRET UE / EU SECRET (EU), NATO SECRET (EU), Eingeschränkkt (Austria) and Geheim (Austria).

Patented technology

Three Domain Separation, Advenica’s proprietary technology-leading VPN encryption, meets the high demands that defense forces, critical infrastructure and security organisations place on IP-based networks. Three Domain Separation has been awarded an American patent.


Kvantsäkra IP-krypteringssystemet SecuriVPN är lösningen för taktiska och strategiska försvarsåtgärder. SecuriVPN har godkänts för användning inom EU upp till och inklusive högsta sekretessnivån, SECRET UE/EU SECRET.


SecuriConnect är en kommunikationslösning med integrerat skydd mot de mest avancerade cyberattackerna. Den säkerställer långsiktigt och hållbart kommunikationsskydd i dessa kvanttider, något som är nödvändigt för varje framgångsrik organisation. Den är certifierad för användning upp till sekretessnivå BEGRÄNSAT HEMLIG/RESTRICTED.


Secure file transfer

File Security Screener (FSS) is a state-of-the-art data transfer solution with high security based on guaranteed unidirectional data diode technology and malware scanning.

Secure system connection

Secure Remote Access is a high-security solution that prevents data leaks and intrusions when connecting systems and networks that have different security levels to each other.


File Security Screener

The File Security Screener (FSS) is a state-of-the-art, high security data transfer solution based on a guaranteed unidirectional data diode technology and malware security scanning.

Secure Remote Access

Connecting systems or networks of different security levels, where one of the systems may be untrusted and outside the organisational control poses a great security risk. Secure Remote Access is a high security solution that offers data loss- and intrusion-prevention.

Security Bulletins

Advenica post Security Bulletins when disclosing security vulnerabilities discovered in our products. Alternative tools and processes may be used when targeted or discrete communication with entitled customers is required.

Customer Training

Advenica's Customer Training provides your staff with the right skills and knowledge to confidently use our products and maximise your security investment.