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Whistleblower service

Advenica cares about security and has respect for all people affected by our operations. The whistleblower service is an important tool for maintaining good corporate governance and preserving the trust in us from employees, customers, suppliers, and the public.

The purpose of the whistleblower service is that risks and shortcomings in the business should be quickly noticed, investigated, and remedied, which contributes to a sustainable business and high business ethics. There are many reasons to speak up. It may be ethically motivated, necessary based on applicable laws and regulations, necessary to protect the health and safety of employees, or required to minimise the risk of damage to the company’s reputation.

Who can use the Whistleblower Service?

A report through the Whistleblower Service can be submitted by anyone who in any way represents, is, has been or may become active in Advenica in work-related contexts. This includes board members, all employees (permanent employees, probationary employees, fixed-term employees, full-time and part-time employees), graduate workers, consultants or other contractors and hired personnel (staffing personnel) of the company. Shareholders who are active in the company can also report through the Whistleblower Service, as well as suppliers, partners and people who are part of the company’s control body, such as auditors.


When can the Whistleblower Service be used?

The Whistleblower Act applies when reporting in a work-related information context about misconduct where there is a public interest in their disclosure or actions that violate EU or national legislation. For example, it could be corruption and financial irregularities, crimes related to health and safety, environmental crimes, or privacy crimes. Through the Whistleblower Service, you can report the issue in a secure and structured way without the risk of reprisals. As a reporter, you are protected and we as business operators must not try to prevent reporting or take reprisals against you, or representatives and relatives to you. It is important that you report if you suspect or are worried that something is not right in the business. It gives us an opportunity to prevent and correct if something has gone wrong.


How to report a whistleblower case?

There is a secure and direct service for confidential reporting, where you can choose to be completely anonymous. This service is managed by an external party, Puls Solutions, who developed this service in collaboration with the law firm Setterwalls. Regardless of whether you choose to report anonymously or not, reports, investigations and the discussions surrounding them are strictly confidential and are handled only by persons with specific assignments for such handling.

The whistleblower service is encrypted and you can copy and paste the link into your browser, leaving no digital traces.

Registration can be done 24 hours a day, every day of the week, and you report easily and securely by following the instructions in the web form. Once you have sent your message, you will receive an ID and password on the screen. Store them securely. You are anonymous in the further dialogue.

Within 7 days, you can read a possible follow-up question or an answer from us.


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