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Advenica joins WASP Research Arena for Operational Data

Advenica joins the research arena WASP Research Arena for Operational Data, where the company together with researchers and industrial partners will join forces to address the challenges  in data-drive operational research. Together with other companies in the research arena, new concept solutions and demonstrations will be developed.

When accurate information plays a crucial role

Three leading Nordic SMEs in the technology sector, MW Group, T-Kartor, and Advenica, announce today that they have entered a strategic partnership in the field of geographic information management. The aim is to deliver a system that optimizes the availability, reliability, and user-friendliness of an organization’s most critical data to support decision-making. The service offered is a comprehensive solution that includes data collection, sophisticated analysis, efficient structuring, secure storage, and robust cybersecurity measures. The solution is designed to handle both open and sensitive information, up to classified information, and aims to maximize organizations’ operational efficiency.