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Secure communication with remote sites

Many organisations depend on information exchange with remote sites. Communication between the main office at one location and a small office somewhere else is needed. These offices are connected using the Internet, but sending confidential or sensitive information on the Internet is not an option in most cases.

Confidential information exchange can often be of great interest to attackers. Thus, proper protection of the information exchange is a necessity for many organisations. Using a software solution that has not been evaluated exposes the system to many risks, for example:

  • Intentionally planted backdoors in the VPN software used
  • Unintentional security bugs in the VPN software
  • The security requirements on the environment might not be met. This could be due to the method used for key exchange or how the laptop running the software solution is used.


These flaws risk revealing confidential and sensitive information, often without the user even knowing this has happened.

Advenica’s SecuriVPN provides sustainable data in motion protection for all end user applications.

Secure communication with remote sites

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