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Why invest in cybersecurity?

There are a lot of reasons to invest in cybersecurity. It can become much more expensive not to have enough protection, for example during a ransomware attack where the attacker locks or encrypts data until a ransom is paid, which may or may not give the victim access to the files again.

The incentive to invest in cybersecurity varies from organisation to organisation. Some must by law, some need to have a more secure solution than a firewall. What matters is that you know what level of protection that your organisation needs!



When do you need to invest in cybersecurity?

You must according to law and regulations

You might have to follow a law saying that you must use approved encryption products. One of these laws is the Swedish Protective Security Ordinance. This regulation entails that all organisations, public and private, that handle information that is classified as needing security protection and is to be communicated to an information system outside of the organisation’s control, must protect the information with the help of cryptographic functions approved by the Swedish Defence. This applies both for the one sending, and receiving, secret information. Advenica’s solution for network encryption, SecuriVPN, provides customers with the strongest protection possible for their IP networks. It is approved for handling information up to and including EU Secret.

You might also have demands for Cross Domain Solutions approved for HEMLIG/TOP SECRET level. Advenica’s Data Diodes DD1000A and DD1000i offer a powerful solution for effective, risk free and ensured one-way data flow between security domains.


You should according to standard or the NIS Directive

There are also standards and directives, e.g. the NIS Directive, that could be an incentive to invest in your cybersecurity.

The NIS Directive aims to promote security measures and boost EU member states’ level of protection of critical infrastructure. The NIS Directive tightens the requirements for information security in terms of integrity and availability. If you need to follow this type of directive, it is a good idea to use Advenica’s products! Suitable products are our Data Diodes DD1000A, DD1000i, DD1G or our ZoneGuard. Advenica’s ZoneGuard enables a strictly controlled and filtered information exchange between networks and security domains.




You need to ensure a one-way information flow

If you need to ensure a one-way information flow, you need a data diode – we can help you here! When sensitive systems, such as ICS systems, are connected to other networks, a major security threat arises and security measures need to be taken to prevent intrusion and to maintain the integrity of the network.

Data diodes can prevent intrusions and leaks, increases network security and ensures that no malicious information can enter and is therefore the best way to protect sensitive systems and confidential data. Advenica’s Data Diodes are network devices for one-way communication that bridge two security domains of the same or different security levels.


You need to ensure that no unencrypted information is sent

Do you need more than software to secure your communication?

The cyber threat aimed at your digital communication, such as Human-to-Machine (H2M), Machine-to-Machine (M2M), Internet-of-Things (IoT) or tactical defence communication, get increasingly sophisticated and advanced. Also, the news more and more frequently report major security incidents. It is evident that a solution designed to withstand current and future cyber challenges is essential. Advenica’s SecuriConnect ensures long-term, sustainable communication protection in these quantum times!


You are using a firewall, but is it secure enough?

Do you need more protection than just a firewall?

If you need to transfer information to or from a security sensitive network, a firewall should not be the only solution you chose to enhance your cybersecurity. Though a firewall strives to protect the network, a high assurance addition is also needed. Advenica can offer tailor-made solutions depending on your needs. For example, Advenica’s ZoneGuard secures your two-way communication by using allow and blocklisting.


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