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We will help you with your security challenges

We can help you with your security challenges.
Based on your specific challenges, we define the right level of security and design and develop the products so that they suit your specific needs.

This is how a cyber security project works with us

When we start a cyber security project together with our customers, it is usually the following steps that the project needs to go through:


Here we analyze your identified security challenges and ensure that the correct level of security is defined.


We design the products to suit your specific needs.


The products are developed according to the agreed requirements specification so that your specific security needs are met.




We help you with your security challenges

In order to be able to choose the right cybersecurity measures for your particular business - identify which information is most critical and thus worth protecting. By doing a risk and security analysis, all loopholes can be detected and you can quickly and efficiently map your current information security and your future needs. You can also use our guide at the top of this page to see if you need to improve your security! 

Based on your specific needs, we then help you design a secure environment with the right combination of products to meet the security requirements. This includes everything from building the network and designing the segmentation to customizing and configuring the products in cases where standard services and settings are not applicable.

Our products are designed to cover a variety of scenarios and can in most cases be used directly. We can also tailor and adapt solutions for all needs. Advenica's platform has a flexible design and thus supports customer-specific situations such as the need to handle proprietary protocols. An example could be when existing equipment that so far has been in an isolated environment is now to be integrated into a more open network.




We have the cybersecurity solutions you need

What are your security challenges?

  • Do you need to integrate IT and OT systems?
  • Are you dependent on remote access via RDP?
  • Do you want to be able to transfer socially critical information from, for example, a SCADA system?

Read more about how our solutions can help you with these and similar challenges: