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When a firewall is not enough

What do you do to protect your organisation’s network and information flow? What solution do you use and depend on? For many system administrators, the answer would include some sort of firewall. But another important question to ask is when a firewall isn’t enough.

As many of you know, a firewall is meant to protect your network as well as the information on it. The firewall makes sure that only some packets of data can enter the network and doesn’t let unauthorised messages come through. Even though firewalls have developed alongside digitalisation, it doesn’t guarantee the security of the network on all levels.

Organisations that have sensitive information and that operate in critical infrastructure, public sector or the defense industry, need their networks to keep a higher level of security. That’s why other solutions than only a firewall are needed. These solutions are called Cross Domain Solutions. A Cross Domain Solution safeguards the information exchange between different security domains and critical networks, without introducing the risks that come with digitalisation.


when a firewall is not enough


What is needed when a firewall is not enough?

The question is not whether or not a firewall offers enough protection, but rather what you should complement it with. It’s not about replacing the firewall but to realise its limitations and covering them with the right kind of solution.

Advenica’s Cross Domain Solution for this purpose is called ZoneGuard. A ZoneGuard safeguards the information transfered from one system to another and controlles the critical information flow. With an information centric design, all communication between the different security domains is validated. ZoneGuard makes sure that only information that has been approved by your organisation’s information policy is let through. Everything else is blocked. One of the greatest benefits of ZoneGuard is that it implements protocol break and full message inspection to migitate attacks and prevent cyberthreats. A ZoneGuard is not a replacement for a firewall, instead it enhances the overall network security level. It’s also a solution that is easy to adjust to the different needs of every organisation.

ZoneGuard offers solid inspection, validation and filtration of data and guarantees high assurance, something which many existing firewalls can’t. A ZoneGuard makes digitalisation possible without jeopardising security and is there when a firewall isn’t enough.

Read more about how ZoneGuard could help to increase your level of cybersecurity.

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