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Data diodes – a security solution that is secure for many years

When choosing a security solution, there are many aspects to take into account. An important aspect is the lifetime of the solution you choose, that is, how long the solution will actually be as secure as when you bought it, regardless of what new threats and vulnerabilities that emerge. This is one of the reasons why you should choose data diodes as your security solution!

Vulnerabilities are increasing all the time

A high use of IT, as we have in Sweden, provides many advantages, but also means that we are dependent on functioning IT systems for, for example, food supply, transport and energy supply for healthcare, rescue operations and police and military operations.

New vulnerabilities in digital services are discovered all the time. In 2023, it was expected that around 1900 new vulnerabilities would be discovered, every month! In addition, we know that cybercriminals are increasingly exploiting vulnerabilities before they have been officially registered and exploit older vulnerabilities that have not yet been patched.

One type of vulnerability in information security that you should try to avoid is network vulnerabilities. This means weaknesses within an organisation’s hardware or software infrastructure that allow cyber criminals to gain access and cause harm. These areas of exposure can range from poorly protected wireless access all the way to misconfigured firewalls that do not protect the network at large. The risk exposure from these types of vulnerabilities can be minimised by using the right type of security solutions!


The importance of protecting your digital information

Information is a fundamental building block in an organisation, in the same way as employees, premises and equipment. In order for us to be able to trust information, we need to protect it. Information security and cybersecurity are above all about preventing information from being leaked, distorted and destroyed. It is also about the right information being available to the right people, and at the right time. Information must not be able to fall into the wrong hands and be misused.

There are several different solutions that can protect your network and your information. For example, there are data diodes, security gateways and firewalls – what suits best depends on what kind of information you want to protect and how you use the information.

Why you should choose a data diode as your security solution

A data diode is a cybersecurity solution that ensures unidirectional information exchange. This high assurance hardware device maintains both network integrity by preventing intrusion, as well as network confidentiality by protecting the most security sensitive information.

There are several strengths with a data diode:

  • Their ability to ensure security in insecure systems, and to protect and preserve legacy systems. By using data diodes, legacy systems can be protected without overhauling the entire system.
  • Its hardware aspect. By using a hardware system, data diodes remove, to a large extent, the possibility of user error.
  • The long-term operating costs are low. After the initial investment of purchase and system integration, the savings in maintenance and administration costs make the data diode an efficient network security solution in the long run.
  • The way they reduce the cybersecurity risk. The data diode’s strict properties mean that you can completely rule out certain types of risks. For example, you know that the network cannot leak information and can thus focus on managing risks with privacy and malware.


Data diodes – security products with a long lifespan

Another big advantage of data diodes is that you can feel secure in the long term, because data diodes are a solution that is as secure today as in 5 or 10 years. This without you having to do anything! If you have a firewall as a security solution, you know that it requires a lot of manual handling over the years for it to continue to be as secure as when you bought it. With a data diode you can avoid this work – you can trust that it will continue in the same secure way for a long time.

Advenica’s data diodes DD1000A and DD1G are constructed with components that have a very long life and they do not have mechanically moving parts such as fans or processors. Once you install these data diodes, you do not need to do any updates and they cannot break down in a way that would make them unsecure. In addition – the MTBF for these products is 91,000 hours, i.e. just over 10 years. So, you can trust that these data diodes will be as secure in 10 years as they are today!

Read more about our data diodes and how they can secure your information!

If you need more advice on security solutions and how you can switch to data diodes, you are welcome to contact us!

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