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The defence needs trusted cybersecurity solutions – do you?

Customers in the defence industry have strict requirements

Not everybody can be a producer for the defence industry. To design, develop and produce products for the national security segment requires control of all aspects in the development project as well as all aspects of the product. No question can be left open, answers must be provided.

The questions range from “who has access to change the design?” and “do the production personnel have correct security clearance?” to “how can one make sure that there are no covert channels?” and “how do we make sure an internal failure does not affect the security?”.




High assurance solutions needed

The defence industry requires high assurance solutions. Assurance is something that must be included from the start of a product design by the correct development processes and security mechanisms. It cannot be added or tested afterwards.

High assurance solutions are much more than the technical functionality a product provides.


Every step in the development, from design to the aftermarket, must be controlled to ensure high assurance.


All customers can benefit from this know-how

Being a trusted supplier for defence organisations, the products we offer have been well proven in highly operative environments, have multiple security functions to mitigate defence related threats and are used for communication up to TOP SECRET.


top secret


We are using this know-how daily when designing solutions for all customers, in all segments, including critical infrastructure and the private sector. With our products and services customers can take full advantage of the digitalisation without jeopardising security. As our products are future-proof, today’s critical information is well-protected even with tomorrow’s technological development.

Want to learn more about our high assurance products for cybersecurity? Visit our products overview page!

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