Our Products

Secure your information

Whether you handle business or research data, patient records, corporate, national, defense forces, state or EU secrets, our products can protect your most valuable information assets.

Throughout the years, Advenica's solutions have been awarded several prestigious certifications and approvals by the European Union, national certification bodies and international IT security certification bodies.


Secure information exchange with Cross Domain Solutions

Advenica's Cross Domain Solutions product family allows a controlled information flow in and out from your systems. Our Cross Domain Solutions empower highly secure information exchange between networks employing many protocols, all with different information security policies.


Encryption for secure network communication

You can safely trust our state-of-the-art encryption products to connect your offices and staff wherever they are located. Our VPN encryptors ensure a secure information transfer while protecting the confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of your data. We provide network encryptors for all security levels from High End Commercial up to National Top Secret level.

With digital security in the forefront of everyone’s thinking, we know that safe and secure technology is the ticket to the game.
Advenica's hardware based network encryptors enable organisations to extend their protected IP networks securely over an untrusted network.
ZoneGuard is a hardware platform and software solution that provides information policy enforcement. It simplifies infrastructure protection by providing an innovative bridge for your information exchange gap.
Allows unidirectional information exchange between different security domains in real time and guarantees unidirectional separation between networks.
A self-erasing USB drive designed to transport a limited amount of information. Its unique feature is its ability to completely erase all its content, either manually by the user, or automatically after 24 hours of inactivity.
The first communication solution with integrated protection against the most advanced digital attacks.
SecuriVPN is a hardware-based network encryptor that meets government, military and multinationals' stringent requirements for VPN security on IP-based networks.
Advenica's network encryptor solution SecuriVPN Arana provides the strongest possible IP-network protection and has been approved by the European Union for use up to the highest information classification level, EU SECRET.
SecuriVPN VTC100A is a complete solution for secure videoconferencing. It is based on Cisco’s well-proven telepresence system, offering a scalable and cost-effective approach to secure videoconferencing that fits most organisations.
Advenica's VPN systems provide a unique security feature with the three domain separation that provides protection against administrators accessing secret user information.