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Maintain security, even when working remotely!

Every day most of us work with several different systems. Through our computer and other digital devices we access information that is physically in a completely different place. For example, to monitor a facility, one is often dependent on being able to access information remotely. It is simply not practical that the person who is to monitor must always be in the same physical location as the system to be monitored.

But with a remote connection, risks are also introduced.



How do you ensure that this remote access does not open more possible attack vectors for a potential attacker?


To use remote access to an operating system, such as an Operational Technology system, in a secure manner, you need to introduce a security solution that controls the asset, and which filters the information that is intended to be transferred. The user is then guided to the systems they have access to on the ICS/SCADA-network.


maintain security


The information is filtered so that only keystrokes are passed through in one direction and images of the computer screen in the other. Through these measures, you can ensure that potential attacks cannot reach the ICS/SCADA-network and at the same time make it impossible for unauthorised information withdrawals.

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