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Know how to do secure file transfer to classified networks?

Many organisations today have difficulties tracking and securing all data transfer channels that expose them to security threats. Data transfer channels, such as file uploads, portable media devices, and email attachments, all have the potential to carry targeted attacks that can damage an organisation’s reputation, financial standing, customer relationships, and for critical infrastructure, sensitive equipment and the facility itself.  

To offer a solution, OPSWAT and Advenica have partnered to bring the power of the MetaDefender platform to Advenica’s File Security Screener. The combination of Advenica’s high assurance expertise and OPSWAT’s advanced threat prevention techniques provides strong protection for file transfers. Protecting content in secure, isolated networks is an existential imperative, not a choice. This is particularly true when files traverse to and from secure networks.


joint solution


The MetaDefender solution for file protection

OPSWAT MetaDefender protects organisations from cybersecurity threats in data that originates from a variety of sources, such as web, email, portable media, and endpoints. The methods used are Data sanitisation and Multi-scanning.

Data sanitisation, also known as Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR), is an advanced threat prevention technology that does not rely on detection. Instead, it assumes all files are malicious and sanitises and rebuilds each file ensuring full usability with safe content. The technology is highly effective for preventing known and unknown threats, including zero-day targeted attacks and threats that are equipped with malware evasion technology such as Fully Undetectable (FUD) malware, VMware detection, obfuscation and many others.

Multi-scanning is an advanced threat detection and prevention technology that increases detection rates, decreases outbreak detection times and provides resiliency to anti-malware vendor issues. 


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Secure file import with File Security Screener and MetaDefender 

File Security Screener is a high assurance unidirectional Cross Domain Solution with Data sanitisation and Multi-scanning. It provides efficient and automated counter measures for malwares and at the same time assures separation for the connected networks.

The joint solution provides:

  • Malware scanning with more than 30 anti-malware engines with zero-day threat protection
  • High assurance protection from information leaks
  • High assurance separation between different source and destination networks
  • Customisable import rules based on the source of the information and the file type
  • Scalable solution with ability to increase the number of connected source networks
  • Content inspection and Data sanitisation for in-depth protection against intrusion
  • High performance with single-pass archive extraction and file queue management


Read more about File Security Screener and the joint solution here.


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