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How you can easily ensure one-way communication between two networks

Many networks require extra protection against tampering and data leakage because they contain classified or sensitive information. They may therefore be isolated for security reasons. However, there may be times when information needs to be sent to or from such networks.

In these cases, a data diode can be very useful. A data diode is namely a cybersecurity solution that ensures one-way communication.

Different organisations have different needs and there are diodes adapted for everyone. Something that is new at Advenica is is smaller, more compact diodes that are easier to use in an environment with, for example, DIN rails.


When is a data diode needed?

A data diode is used when data needs to be transferred to or from a secure network.

By using a data diode, you can ensure that the transmission is carried out securely, without risking the integrity or confidentiality of the network.


It prevents intrusions and leaks, increases network security and ensures that no malicious information can enter and is therefore the best way to protect sensitive systems and confidential data.


How does a data diode work?

Computer diodes are small hardware products that are placed between two networks. A data diode acts as a non-return valve that only allows data to be sent forward while blocking all data in the opposite direction. Thanks to the connection in optical fiber, it is physically impossible for data to be transported in the opposite direction. Since this is not software, the data diode cannot be attacked by malicious code, which also contributes to high assurance, i.e. demonstrably high security.


Data diode


Who needs to ensure one-way communication?

Actors active in critical infrastructure, users of industrial control systems (ICS/SCADA) and the defense industry are some examples of those who may need one-way communication between networks.

The reason is that when sensitive systems, such as ICS systems, are connected to other networks, a major security threat arises and security measures need to be taken to prevent intrusion and to maintain the integrity of the network.

The digitalisation and increase of sophisticated cyber-attacks means that every organisation that works with sensitive information therefore has the use of a data diode to be able to protect its valuable information and to be able to exchange data in a secure way.


Are there compact data diodes?

Most data diodes on the market take up quite a lot of space, have a high price and are a little more complicated to install, but there is a compact and flexible data diode that solves one-way communication with the same high performance as the larger models. This model is called Advenica Data diode DD1G.


This model is for those who:

  • Want to protect their business and want a flexible, compact and flexible product that offers good protection
  • Need a data diode in a more compact size which ensures the same high performance
  • Do not need an N3 approved data diode (i.e. do not comply with the Protective Security Act)
  • Use DIN rail for other products and want a data diode that fits in there
  • Work with integrations in OT environments / industrial environments


Read more about data diodes and DD1G here. If you need help with how to secure your networks with the help of data diodes, you are welcome to contact us!

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