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Four reasons to invest in future-proof solutions today

With a constantly more serious threat scenario, everyone today needs to be aware of the risk of a cyber attack and the consequences of insufficient security. Critical infrastructure is particularly vulnerable. For those of you responsible for such operations, we have compiled some talking points so you can make responsible and sustainable decisions.


1. You can digitalise efficiently and responsibly

The amount of critical information is growing. Simultaneously, markets are pushing for higher availability. Connecting devices saves time and money and enables transparency and agile ways of working. The downside is that the number of attack vectors increases accordingly.

Take for instance geographically spread power stations. To send log or monitoring information to a central server that can be accessed through the Internet, the technology has to ensure that the data cannot be manipulated or intercepted. Thus, some form of encryption is necessary.

How can you be sure that the crypto products are effective? Over time as well?


reasons to invest in future-proof solutions


2. You secure sufficient protection considering the technology development of attackers

Opinions differ among cyber experts on how imminent the breakthrough of quantum computers is. One thing even sceptics have to acknowledge is that the first ones to commercially sell quantum computers as cloud services are here.

This increases the threat scenario, not only from state-funded attackers but also from criminals. As communication can be recorded today, it has to be deemed compromised when protected by many popular crypto algorithms.

How do you supplement firewalls, fibre and 4G connectors the best way to achieve sufficient security?


3. You get a long-term sustainable solution

Is your business planning to invest in technology to protect OT networks that need IT support, then you probably do not want to have to change it in the next few years. Do you also happen to work in one of the governmental agencies whose critical information has to be safeguarded for at least 50 years? Well, then you have to regard solution performance from a longer perspective.

Perhaps it would be simpler and more cost-effective to go for future-proof solutions from the start?




4. You are stronger in audits

It is always important to conduct a risk analysis to identify vulnerabilities in IT architecture. Information availability is a definite risk for both critical infrastructure and other businesses that affect national security. When responsible for that kind of organisation it is wise to the most effective measures a top priority.

Advenica offers a quantum-safe solution in SecuriVPN, which has received several certifications and approvals at the level of security. What would this mean for upcoming audits and all the previously mentioned issues?


Last but not least, a piece of advice

There are no shortcuts when it comes to cybersecurity. Encryption is merely part of the overall protection, segmentation another. However, you always have to have a holistic approach and also include physical security and human factors. By conducting a risk and security analysis, problems will be identified, and necessary measures will be made concrete, in priority.


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