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Here you will find all technical documentation around our products.

Data Diode DD1000i

SecuriCDS DD1000i is a data diode appliance that enables unidirectional data flow and physical network separation using optical technology. The DD1000i has built-in proxy software from Advenica enabling a variety of use cases.


Data Diode DD1G

The second generation Advenica Data Diode DD1G provides physically enforced one-way data flow for Ethernet Layer 2. A hardware only, robust cybersecurity solution for protecting the most valuable digital information.

Data Diode DD1000A

SecuriCDS DD1000A is a data diode with optical unidirectional data flow to ensure physical separation in one direction. DD1000A offers high performance in a small stand-alone package mountable in a single 1U 19” rack system.


Data Diode Engine

The Data Diode Engine is a proxy software optimised for efficient and secure data transfer through Ethernetbased data diodes. Paired with plug-and-play software services it offers tailored network segmentation solutions across diverse installation environments.


SecuriRAM is a self-erasing USB drive designed to transport a limited amount of information. Its unique feature is the ability to completely erase all its content either manually, by the user, or automatically after 24 hours of inactivity.

File Security Screener

The File Security Screener (FSS) is a state-of-the-art , high security file import solution. FSS effectively combines multiscanning techniques for malware detection and data diodes for unidirectional data flow, enabling secure file import to the most sensitive systems.