Advenica’s penetration tests are based on automatic scans of external interfaces for various known existing vulnerabilities as well as custom-made attack scripts developed for the product or system. The subsequent evaluation report can provide a mitigation plan and solution proposals for identified gaps. Only authorised personnel have access to evaluated products and systems. In cooperation with you, we evaluate the requirements to make sure that the right level of security is defined based on identified challenges and a threat analysis. Advenica is highly experienced in analysis with the specific purpose of identifying necessary counter-measures and actions to ensure stability. We help you ensure that the data and critical information you own and manage are well-protected.

Our customised analysis with its focus on humans, processes and technology facilitates organisations to get the freedom to digitise.

Examine the assurance

Research shows that many intrusions are unknown to the target a long time, leaving the target unaware that operations are under attack. A study conducted 2014 shows that in average more than 7 months passed before discovery. Naturally, there are many sources to security leakages. Complicated, faulty processes or employee misusage of systems and tools are more often an entry point to vulnerabilities than technical defence. Flaws are often related to knowledge gaps of how to perform tasks, sloppiness or unintuitive systems.

To protect your IT infrastructure from assurance complications, from the various risks involving IT hardware to the risks of the human element, it is important to prevent any possible intrusion.

Security evaluations and penetration tests are measures to create an adequate protection against threats such as unauthorised industrial espionage or intelligence gathering.

The main purpose of security evaluations and penetration tests is to identify vulnerabilities in an organisation, processes and information flows to make you completely aware of potential threats.

Dynamic evaluations

Advenica’s core business is high assurance cybersecurity solutions for critical data in motion for national and foreign customers with the highest security demands. With this tool box we formalise the security evaluation dynamically with customers. Our knowledge is extensive within the areas of security architecture, secure programming, information segmentation and testing security-critical systems.

Certifications and approvals

Advenica solutions have been awarded several prestigious approvals by the European Union, national certification bodies and international IT security certification bodies. We also hold US patent for our VPN technology, Three Domain Separation.


Advenica warrants that this product will be free from defects in material and workmanship for one (1) year from the date of purchase.