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cPPP for cyber security

A survey, made on behalf of the European Commission, shows that the European market when it comes to cybersecurity is dominated by a small group of non-European players. The five largest companies, all non-European, controls more than 20% of the total market. Although there are many European companies in the field, they seem to mostly operate nationally.

The study is referenced in an initiative from the European Commission entitled “Public Private Partnership on Cyber Security.” The proposal, which Road Map (pdf) was presented in December 2015, described the challenge of getting the diversity of European cybersecurity companies to operate throughout the European market. Besides the financial aspects, it is also stated that Europe prefers to protect itself with the help of European technology.

The initiative, which so far is only a proposal, is based on the concept of creating a ‘contractual Public-Private Partnership “, cPPP. A cPPP means a signed agreement between governments and companies to govern cooperation. In this case, with the aim to facilitate for EU-based cybersecurity companies to operate across borders.


Is there any downside to the initiative?

Possibly could a creation of what the initiative calls “a single European market for innovative ICT Security Products” give the effect that already large companies benefit more than smaller ones, which thus risks being eliminated. Such an effect is probably not what the initiative is aiming for. Rather than they want to increase the opportunities for small companies.

Either way, even with an initiative of this kind it will be important how each country is acting to benefit their own domestic businesses to grow towards the European market. Hopefully, we might need to return to this initiative later on!

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