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How to make your data center secure with cybersecurity solutions

It can be a challenge to run and operate a data center. There are a number of threats that need to be mitigated with the right cybersecurity solutions – basic solutions are simply not enough anymore.



Running a data center 

Running and operating data centers keeps getting more challenging, particularly from a cybersecurity perspective. The ever-increasing need for networking with external systems, remote administration requirements as well as extraction of performance and network management data, to mention just a few, is also increasing the number of possible attack vectors. In addition, wireless networks, and a growing range of IoT devices across the board can potentially provide attack channels that are not even visible today. 

Traditional network segmentation and firewalls provide some protection but are all ultimately vulnerable, especially facing state sponsored hackers with vast resources. Throughout history, the military defence sector has been highly security aware and cybersecurity solutions developed for this market are the strongest available today. These solutions are now being made available to the private marketplace, both enterprise and critical infrastructure.


Data center


Protect your data center with cybersecurity solutions

The most obvious points in and around a data center that needs high level cybersecurity protection are:

  • Importing network time
  • Extracting performance and reporting data
  • Performing remote administration
  • Importing SW and OS updates
  • Performing data backup and restoration
  • Exchanging data with suppliers, vendors and partners
  • Segmentation in shared data centers


Solutions for providing the highest level of cyberprotection can be divided into two main categories: VPN Encryptors and Cross Domain Solutions, consisting of products for unidirectional traffic control and bi-directional traffic control. In conjunction with these, there are highly effective file screening and sanitation solutions as well as content disarming and reconstruction. Here are some of our solutions!

Read our solution description “How to Secure your Data Center” to get a number of suggestions of how to effectively secure the various channels to and from a data center. 

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