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How to do a secure transfer of SCADA information

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems are used for monitoring and controlling processes in industry and in critical infrastructure. The processes that these systems control, and monitor are often of very sensitive nature. As there is a need for transferring this information to other systems, special solutions are needed to get a secure transfer.



Transfer of SCADA information needed in a digital society

Following digitalisation, the need to transfer sensitive SCADA information to other networks is growing in order to work more efficient.

Here some examples of such situations:

  • Process monitoring from a location outside the SCADA system’s perimeter.
  • Optimization of a production process – requires that you extract information from the process and then analyse/optimise  it (“number crunching”) with mathematical tools.
  • When repairing electricity grids, information must be distributed about the grid, e.g. which conductors that are live.


how to do a Secure transfer of SCADA information


How to do a secure transfer of SCADA information

The SCADA systems must be handled securely in order to avoid that someone without a permission affects or alters their function. If that happens, critical functions can be turned off or disrupted, which can lead to major social disruptions which affects many people.

To continue to digitalise in a secure way, cybersecurity solutions that take care of security problems and at the same time enables an exchange of information are needed. To read more about how these solutions solve the challenge, download our Solution Description Secure Transfer of SCADA information.

If you need more advice regarding cybersecurity, secure IT/OT integrations or network segmentation you are welcome to contact Advenica!


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