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Are you protecting the right things?

In today’s digitalised world it is increasingly important to protect information. The more online we are, and with more systems paired, the easier it is for a potential attacker to find doors to critical information.

However, protecting all the information flow in a company today at the same level will either be very costly for information that does not require the highest level of protection or give a too low protection for what is most protectable.

According to a survey by Kaspersky Lab, 57% of IT managers find the development of more complex infrastructures that include clouds and mobility a major challenge, looking from a security perspective. 36% of them say they do not have a budget that allows them to protect themselves from intrusion and crime.

36% are missing a budget to protect themselves from intrusions.


are you protecting the right things


But is it possible to be protected to 100%? Won’t that be extremely expensive?

By making a risk and security analysis of your information, you can identify which information that is most critical, that is worth protecting. Once you know this, you can build an information architecture that puts the sensitive information in a safe zone. By focusing the major security measures on this specific zone, and doing it properly, you can limit costs while ensuring that the critical information is protected without unnecessary restrictions on accessibility.

Want to know how? Read more about our risk and security analysis.


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