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Protecting countries and people

Advenica is a well-established provider of high level IT security components to several countries’ armed forces and government agencies with national security interests. Our products have been well proven in highly operative environments and are used for communication up to TOP SECRET.

Cybersecurity in the defence industry

The defence industry requires high assurance solutions, protecting national security. Assurance is something that must be included from the start of a product design by the correct development processes and security mechanisms. It cannot be added or tested afterwards. Every step in the development, from design to the aftermarket, must be controlled to ensure high assurance.

Not everybody can be a producer for the defence industry. To design, develop and produce products for the national security segment requires control of all aspects in the development project as well as all aspects of the product. No question can be left open, answers must be provided.

The questions range from “who has access to change the design?” and “do the production personnel have correct security clearance?” to “how can one make sure that there are no covert channels?” and “how do we make sure an internal failure does not affect the security?”.

Advenica offers solutions for cybersecurity that meet the highest security requirements. Our product development differs in many ways from traditional development as our customers require us to demonstrate that our solutions offer high assurance security.

Regulations for national security

You might have to follow a law saying that you must use approved encryption products. One of these laws is the Swedish Protective Security Ordinance. This regulation entails that all organisations, public and private, that handle information that is classified as needing security protection and is to be communicated to an information system outside of the organisation’s control, must protect the information with the help of cryptographic functions approved by the Swedish Defence. This applies both for the one sending, and receiving, secret information.

How to raise national security

Advenica is a well-established provider of high-level IT security components to several countries’ armed forces and government agencies with national security interests. Our products have been well proven in highly operative environments and are used for communication up to TOP SECRET.

Our standard products are used for encrypted communication and for cross-domain connectivity. For instance, between Ministry of Foreign Affairs and embassies across the globe, between national security stakeholders, for multi-agency and international coordination of emergency planning and response, for cross-jurisdictional law enforcement, as measures to combat terrorism and international organised crime, and for defence.

Our customers place high and stringent demands on our equipment. It has to function in extreme operational conditions, and for example manage communication over low-quality radio, over several satellite hops as well as over standard high-quality fibre and electrical infrastructure.

Designed to satisfy the most demanding defence requirements, and substantiated in combat zone theatres ranging between desert and arctic conditions, SecuriVPN is successfully deployed for Army, Navy and Air Force communications in many countries, certified to protect information up to TOP SECRET. Simple future-proof key management, versatile high-availability features and ability to communicate over low and high quality transmission layers provides ease of use as well as resilient communications.

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Military-grade solutions

Certified at the highest level of security

Advenica’s encryption products are approved for HEMLIG / TOP SECRET (Sweden), NATO CONFIDENTIAL (Sweden), SECRET UE / EU SECRET (EU), NATO SECRET (EU), Eingeschränkkt (Austria) and Geheim (Austria). Our data diode is the only one on the market N3-approved (HEMLIG / TOP SECRET) by the Swedish Armed Forces. It is also approved at the highest level in several other countries.

Well-proven durable products

All solutions have been tested and used by demanding customers in extreme operational conditions.

Quantum secure patented proprietary VPN technology

Three Domain Separation has been awarded patents in Sweden and the US.

Strictly controlled development and production

All processes, from development to production and testing, are strictly controlled by the Swedish NCSA, and all staff are carefully vetted.

Traceability and security logging

Reduce risks with a solution that protects both log data and all connected systems.

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