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Technology Partners

We partner with industry-leading technology companies to be able to offer our customers integrated and complete cybersecurity solutions.


CGI Sweden is Sweden’s largest IT service company with access to the CGI Group’s worldwide network of IT consultants. With this partnership Advenica broadens the sales potential and gets a strong partner with services that complement our unique encryption and segmentation product portfolio. The partnership makes it possible to provide customers with an overall cybersecurity solution.



Axis Communications enables a smarter and safer world by creating network solutions to improve security and to find new ways of doing business. Their experience working with network video and audio solutions, analytics and access control contributes to the protection of people and property, process optimization, and increases business efficiency and information access. With this partnership Advenica aim to develop bespoke security solutions for surveillance network customers providing the highest possible level of cybersecurity on the market today. 


OPSWAT is a global company that offers the platform MetaDefender. This platform is an advanced antivirus solution that, together with the File Security Screener service from Advenica, becomes a complete solution for secure file transfer and import. The cooperation means that customers can have a single contact area for the entire security solution, which is appreciated and often is a requirement from companies from a security point of view. The collaboration gives an opportunity to offer customers an integrated, comprehensive solution for secure file transfer.



Dell Technologies Inc. is an American multinational technology company who’s products include personal computers, servers, smartphones, televisions, computer software, computer security and network security, as well as information security services. Dell Technologies is committed to transforming businesses, shaping the future of innovation and developing technologies to drive human progress.

Advenica and Dell Technologies have a joint strategic cooperation to use hardware-based security solutions from Advenica to further advance the capabilities of Dell’s Cyber Recovery solution. The aim of the strategic cooperation is to develop a full portfolio of hardware security options and to provide customers with additional security capabilities. This added protection is achieved by using state of the art Data Diodes, File Security Screeners, Secure Remote Access and top-end hardware VPN solutions. All the additional security features can be deployed in a modular fashion, either as individual spot solutions or together as a comprehensive cyber protection solution around the Dell EMC PowerProtect Cyber Recovery Solution environment. 



Cinia provides secure high-availability data network, cybersecurity and software solutions. Their operations are based on solid expertise in modern software development, data network technologies and critical operating environments. Their fibre optic network of roughly 15,000 kilometres, including the C-Lion1 submarine cable, enables the fastest data communications solutions to Central Europe and to markets in Asia and Eastern Europe. By combining their services with services of partners, they provide reliable and comprehensive solutions that help customers write their own digital success stories.

Cinia act as a value-add re-seller and service provider for the Advenica Products in Finland. Cinia also operates as a re-seller and whole solution provider concerning Advenica products in Europe. The partnership is a key to be able to provide customers better continuous data protection against today’s cyber threats, with a high-quality service including 24/7 support and maintenance.


Organisation partnerships


The Swedish Security and Defense Industry Association, SOFF, is a trade organisation for companies in the field of cyber defence, civil security and defence, situated in Sweden. The purpose of the association is to, from a business perspective, contribute to the best conditions possible for enterprises to work and thrive in Sweden. In general, this entails striving to:

  • Influence future business-conditions using a longterm and strategic perspective.
  • Actively engage in market beneficial processes and activities.


Both of these measures are directed towards prioritised markets, chosen by member companies. Today, SOFF has more than 130 member companies and over 100 of these are SME’s (small and medium enterprises). Together, the member companies employ nearly 30,000 people and even more when also counting subcontractors. Together they account for a yearly turnover ranging at approximately 40 billion SEK. 



RISE is running a national cyberscurity collaboration, Cybernode, to accelerate research and innovation in the industry and public sector – a national node in cybersecurity. VINNOVA is responsible for the funding, while RISE’s cybersecurity unit coordinates the node’s work. The node aims to:

  • Bring together industry, academia and the public sector in order to identify, initiate and conduct research and innovation activities in cybersecurity. Create a favourable innovation climate for the Swedish cybersecurity industry.
  • Contribute to faster and more secure digitization in Swedish industry and among Swedish public actors.


Thereby strengthen…

  • Swedish competitiveness and exports in cybersecurity.
  • Sweden’s ability to win funds from the research programs within the EU.


Channel partners

We know that partners are the key to our success, which is why we aim at providing the most effective and innovative products and tools to help accelerate your business.



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