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When accurate information plays a crucial role

Three leading Nordic SMEs in the technology sector, MW Group, T-Kartor, and Advenica, announce today that they have entered a strategic partnership in the field of geographic information management. The aim is to deliver a system that optimizes the availability, reliability, and user-friendliness of an organization’s most critical data to support decision-making. The service offered is a comprehensive solution that includes data collection, sophisticated analysis, efficient structuring, secure storage, and robust cybersecurity measures. The solution is designed to handle both open and sensitive information, up to classified information, and aims to maximize organizations’ operational efficiency.

The innovative solution enables the collection of more types of data, with higher resolution and at a faster pace than before. This data is used to drive advanced machine learning algorithms, resulting in a thorough analysis of all data points. This creates a solid foundation that enables well-considered and efficient decision-making. The solution is designed to ensure that data management is always fast, reliable, and of the highest quality. This is in complete contrast to the challenges that arise from incorrect and insecure data management, which result in slow, unreliable, and poor-quality information flows.

“By combining MW Group’s geospatial expertise with the innovative products from T-Kartor and Advenica, we create a unique and powerful comprehensive solution for data management that meets the most demanding security standards and enables better decision-making. We are proud to announce this partnership today and look forward to jointly delivering this solution that makes a real difference for critical societal organizations in the Nordics and globally” says Mikael Karlsson, CEO MW Group.

It is a unique collaboration when three leading Swedish innovative companies join forces to offer a joint, high-quality solution. This partnership started from a mutual understanding of the urgent need for improved data management for critical societal organizations. Each partner contributes with specialized components, products, in-depth knowledge, and services, and together they create a comprehensive solution that guarantees maximum efficiency and security for the total defence segment. This synergy enables the companies to act both agilely and innovatively, and to jointly deliver large-scale projects.

“With our heritage in enabling secure communication, we see great potential in collaborating with strong Nordic partners who prioritize security. Together with MW Group and T-Kartor, we can now offer a solution that ensures fast and reliable handling of geographic data, even for those who handle sensitive information. In this way, we collectively contribute to a safer society says Marie Bengtsson, CEO Advenica.

Through this partnership, a unique ability is established in the market, to not only support but also fully meet the requirements for compliance with a range of different civil and defence standards, including the NATO STANAG 2586 standard. This span of compatibility offers a solution that is both versatile and robust, and that can be adapted to meet the specific needs of a range of different organizations, from civil authorities to the defence sector. The partnership between the three companies collectively strengthens their common position as a trustworthy supplier and partner to critical societal organizations seeking a high-quality, secure, and efficient data management solution.

“Decades of experience in geographic services have created deep knowledge in handling very large amounts of data. In combination with MW Group and Advenica’s competence and products, our proven product becomes a complete solution that includes analyses and information sharing between different security levels. As three agile companies, we can drastically shorten the implementation time and quickly provide operational advantages that create increased security in an uncertain world says Mats Pålsson, CEO T-Kartor.

The three partners will deliver a comprehensive service solution for data collection and information management. The information will be physically separated into different layers based on its security classification, ranging from open data to classified and secret information. The goal is to enable the collection, analysis, and sharing of information within an organization, fully tailored to the organization’s specific needs and security requirements.

The service is available for immediate implementation and will be presented during the conference and exhibit “Dagen för säkra kommunikationer” November 14th in Stockholm. For commercial inquiries, including orders and installation, this is facilitated through MW Group, which serves as the system integration partner in the collaboration.

For more information, interviews, and/or demonstration of the offering, please contact:
Petra Lamorell
Marketing & Communications Manager

The information was submitted for publication, through the agency of the contact person set out above, at 13.55 CET on October 4th, 2023.

About Advenica
Advenica’s expertise helps countries, authorities, companies and organisations protect the most important digital information. Our well-proven and trusted cybersecurity solutions isolate networks physically while connecting data securely. Since the start in 1993, we design, develop and manufacture all crypto and segmentation products in Sweden to ensure high assurance. Read about our unique technology and its EU and national approvals at the highest security level at www.advenica.com
Advenica AB is a publicly traded company listed on Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market with the name ADVE. Certified Adviser is Redeye AB, www.redeye.se

About MW Group
MW Group is a modern Nordic total defence company. MW Group provides services to critical societal functions and military defence in the Nordic domestic market and expeditionary where the company’s clients require capabilities. MW Group is a partner with the Swedish, Finnish, and Danish armed forces. Read more at www.mw.group

About T-Kartor
T-Kartor is at the forefront of technology and provides software products for the management, structuring, and secure distribution of geographically related information. We also offer customized cartographic services and deliver key components for Command & Control systems, all central within military and civil crisis preparedness. With more than 10,000 active users globally, our products can be found everywhere from local bus stops to advanced fighter jets. Our unique operations are based out of our offices in Kristianstad, Sweden, and St. Louis, USA. Read more at www.t-kartor.com

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