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A Brand New Advenica

It’s all about being relevant

Let’s face it. We are all part of an information era where a company’s footprint is fundamental to building a truly successful impression among customers, partners, society and employees.

The fact that the digital world impacts on all our communication has fundamentally changed how we are perceived in an instant. Communication focus has shifted from printed and mechanically distributed collaterals to digital, dynamic and multi-faceted media distributed at speed-of-light. The blink-of-a-second market window you have for making an impression must be used with great care. That moment of visibility must stand out and represent all the values you want to be remembered for, with a clarity and uniqueness that impacts on the receiver and lasts forever.

A unique player in the space of digital communication

Advenica, is a truly unique company in the digital communication space. We make the world a much better place when it comes to trustworthy information sharing.

Advenica new logo

From promise to perception

We are adaptive to our customer’s needs so we can provide the right solutions and services to address their challenges.

We provide expertise and know-how in the field of cybersecurity. With almost 25 years of providing the most demanding solutions for Top Secret exchange; and complex threats, we know what we talking about.

We provide protection by supplying analysis, design, implementation, maintenance and SECaaS (Security as a service) for our customers.

We are forward-thinking and provide insights into the future by providing threat intelligence and proactive services to our customers.

All this sums up to Advenica, a supplier of digital responsibility.

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