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Advenica wins another large order from a Swedish authority worth 23,8 MSEK

A Swedish authority has placed an order for Advenica’s cybersecurity solutions. The order includes Advenica’s solutions within VPN (Virtual Private Network) and additional devices for encrypted communications.

Advenica will provide products within the product family SecuriVPN which includes the patented technology Three Domain Separation. SecuriVPN and its management system has unique features that enable the highest security clearance, giving users the opportunity to protect their most valuable information against cyber threats. These solutions have been approved by the European Union up to the highest level of classification for information, SECRET UE / EU SECRET.

“Advenica’s products are designed, developed and produced to attend to the most demanding customers’ requirements for a complete solution for high assurance delivery. Advenica is one of very few companies in the country and Europe who can do this. The fact that our customers return to us shows that we offer very good solutions, and that the customers are satisfied with the service we deliver. I am very pleased with what we as a company are achieving, our will to listen and take on our clients’ needs”, says Einar Lindquist, CEO, Advenica AB.

Advenica is one of four companies worldwide that meet the requirements of the EU’s highest safety rating of IP-encryption.

For further information, please contact: Einar Lindquist, CEO Advenica AB, +46 (0)704 29 98 39, einar.lindquist@advenica.com

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