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Advenica appoints Mikael Puska as CEO in Finland

In September, the Swedish cybersecurity company Advenica expanded to Finland and opened a new office in Helsinki. The company is now recruiting Mikael Puska as CEO of Advenica Oy.

Mikael Puska has many years of experience working with cybersecurity and has also worked as an officer in various positions for the Armed Forces, including CIO (Chief Information Officer) of the National Defense University. Mikael has also worked as Development Manager and KAM (Key Account Manager) at nSense which was acquired by the Finnish cybersecurity company F-Secure in which Michael also had his last job as Head of Department.

“I look forward to start working as the CEO of Advenica Oy and to establish the company as a leading provider of cybersecurity also in Finland”, says Mikael Puska, CEO, Advenica Oy.

Advenica has worked with various players on the Finnish market since the early 2000’s and in September the Board decided to establish a separate organisation in Finland to invest in deepening the cooperation with existing and new partners. Mikael Puska will assume the new position as CEO for Advenica Oy February 1, 2017.

“We are delighted to welcome Mikael Puska to the company and we are confident that he will do outstanding work on the Finnish market with his long experience within cybersecurity. We look forward to be able to offer an even higher level of service on the Finnish market to increase sales and delivery capacity”, says Einar Lindquist, CEO, Advenica AB.

For further information, please contact: Einar Lindquist, CEO Advenica AB, +46 (0)704 29 98 39, einar.lindquist@advenica.com

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