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Securing information flows in an IT/OT environment

It has become increasingly important to be able to connect IT and OT. There is also the need to securely manage the systems and to retrieve system events from both IT and OT environments. This need has grown with the digitalisation of production processes and society as a whole. IT and OT are therefore connected, and similar technology is often used in IT and OT. The different needs in IT and OT can easily lead to challenging conflicts.

The most critical systems, or the most sensitive information, must be protected with high-assurance solutions in order to obtain a high level of security. A secure way to protect your sensitive information or systems is to start working with network segmentation. Depending on what zones you want to send information between, and in which direction, you need different solutions.

What you will learn from this Use Case:

In this Use Case you will learn:

  • About different zones in an IT/OT environment
  • What different solutions that are suitable for the zone borders

Securing information flows in an IT/OT environment – Use Case #12

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