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Secure log collection with Splunk

Do you use Splunk for log collection? Do you want to separate the log collection systems from the monitored systems? By placing a data diode between Splunk Forwarder and Splunk HEC (HTTP Event Collector), it is ensured that this communication is strictly one-way and thus prevents the central log collection from affecting the monitored systems.

Splunk is a data platform for all data needs, built for customers who have a growing need for data access, powerful analysis and automation. Today, Splunk has many users and is used in many different industries. Splunk is often used as a platform for centralised collection and analysis of log events. The systems that are monitored, i.e., create the log events, are often sensitive in themselves, or contain sensitive information.

In this solution description, we will explain how log collection can be made secure!

Secure log collection with Splunk

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