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Learn how to become an expert in cybersecurity – Cybersecurity Academy

Become an expert in cybersecurity - learn the most important steps in Advenica's Cybersecurity Academy!
Our vision is to enable digital freedom in all communication. Higher digitalisation means more attack vectors and thus greater risk of intrusion, data leakage and manipulation of critical information.

Cybersecurity Academy

It can be difficult to know where to begin when starting to think about cybersecurity. To make it a bit easier, we have created Cybersecurity Academy where you can learn more about cybersecurity and how to apply certain solutions to improve your organisation’s security work.


Do our quiz to check your information security level

If you want to secure your organisation’s sensitive information, it is a good idea to start working with information security. In this quiz you will get a grip of where you are in terms of different steps in working with information security.


Learn how to start working with information security

Information security is above all about preventing information from being leaked, distorted and destroyed. It is also about having the right information available to the right people, and at the right time. Information should not fall into the wrong hands and be misused.

Want to learn how to get started with information security? In our Cybersecurity Academy we present steps where you can learn how to start working with information security at your company.


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Begin with your information security work: Step 1-3

We have 8 steps for working with information security – in this video you will learn about step 1-3.


Continue with your information security work: Step 4-5

When you have completed step 1-3, continue to work with step 4-5 as seen in the video below!


Continue with your information security work: Step 6-8

If you have finished step 4-5 you can move on to step 6-8. But remember, these 8 steps are for getting started with information security – it is very important that you continue working with information security to keep your information secure.


Working with cybersecurity

In Cybersecurity Academy, you will learn about different areas and situations that requires cybersecurity solutions. Read more about how to work with cybersecurity!


Working in IT/OT and SCADA

There are more specific situations where it is highly important to always consider cybersecurity. For example, connecting IT/OT systems or sharing sensitive SCADA information requires special solutions. This video explains how you should think when facing these issues. 


Working in the energy sector

There are many things to consider when working in the energy sector, and cybersecurity is certainly a big one. With strict legislation and large responsibilities, it is important to work hard with cybersecurity solutions. See some examples of companies who have worked with Advenica in this video!


Secure remote access and secure updates

There are certain risks involved when you work remotely, as well as risks when you update your systems. You need to know how to do secure remote access and secure updates – learn how in this video!


Cross Domain Solutions

So, what can we offer you? We have a handful of products that can improve your cybersecurity – network security amongst other things. Cross Domain Solutions (CDS) maintain secure information exchange between domains with different security or protection needs. This video tells you more!


Data diodes

A product that can help you enhance your cybersecurity is a data diode. A data diode makes sure that information or data only flows in one direction, protecting your network. See this video to learn more about data diodes!


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