Sustainable Communication Privacy

The cyber threat aimed at your digital communication, such as Human-to-Machine (H2M), Machine-to-Machine (M2M), Internet-of-Things (IoT) or tactical defence communication, get increasingly sophisticated and advanced. The news more and more frequently report major security incidents. It is evident that a solution designed to withstand current and future cyber challenges is essential.

The SecuriConnect product line has been developed to help you face these challenges and protect your information exchange. Moreover, SecuriConnect ensures long-term sustainable communication privacy in a post-quantum age, a business necessity for every successful organisation.

Target customers

A wide range of industries and organisations rely upon the ability to keep sensitive information secure, for competitive advantage, regulatory compliance or defence requirements.

Today's most popular technologies are no longer suitable to protect information that has extended lifetime – government, defence and financial services data is often kept for 25 years or more, medical data is sensitive during and beyond the patient's life.

Regardless of whether you handle business data, IPR, economic transactions, critical infrastructure, utility, national or state secrets, SecuriConnect will help you realise your digital responsibility to secure your data exchange while protecting it against interception, replay attacks and manipulation of the information.

Security level