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What is digital responsibility?

Companies must think about how they take their digital responsibilities. This responsibility means working with information management in a proactive and sustainable way.

There’s a growing concern about how to establish secure information exchanges. Companies must think about how they take their digital responsibilities. Responsibility means working with information management in a proactive and sustainable way.


We offer digital freedom in all communication. Responsible information management gives you the ability to achieve viable and sustainable businesses that open up for innovation and new revenue opportunities.

We believe that secure information flows are necessary for you to be respected as an attractive employer and leading-edge business.


what is digital responsibility


Information management as part of CSR

Companies need to change the way they view sustainability, and weave information management into the more traditional parameters of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) efforts such as environment, working conditions, etc. Information security should become a topic discussed and prioritised more often in boardrooms and management.


So what does Digital Responsibility entail?

Digital Responsibility should be seen as an absolute need to ‘do good’ with your digital technology and your digitalisation efforts. This requires a balanced and conscious priorisation between three partly conflicting cornerstones:

  • Digital Functionality
  • Digital Privacy
  • Digital Sustainability


At every decision, Digital Responsibility should force a strategic view so that a balance is established between the Digital Functionality put in place and its short and long-term effect on Digital Privacy and Digital Sustainability.

The responsibility extends to more than the current year. You need to assume responsibility for potential future uses and misuses of your collected data and your implemented functionality. If your actions today could be used in a hostile way by tomorrow’s actors, you should use a principle of caution today. If your technology can be misused tomorrow, you are responsible today.


Digital responsibility


Future proof solutions help you take your digital responsibility

Future proof solutions for information security – that is what you need to be able to take your full digital responsibility. This means you have to ensure that your supplier has a working method that means that they will continue to be digitally responsible. Do they provide security updates throughout the product life cycle? Is their product/solution future proof? These are important questions you need to ask your supplier of information security solutions.


Digital Responsibility – more than technology

With innovative and future-proof technology solutions, you have the right tools to take your digital responsibility. However, information security entails more than technology. 
People and processes are equally important to succeed. Sustainable protection requires systematic and continuous work based on assets, threats and risks. 

The first step is to understand which information that is critical to business. A risk and security analysis help you identify the problems as well as specify and prioritise necessary measures. However willing you are to protect your information; it is not practical or financially justified to protect all information in the same way and the next step is to make some decisions based on the analysis.


Do you want to read more about Digital Responsibility?

To read more about the different parts of Digital responsibility and where to start, download our White Paper #05 Digital Responsibility - the only viable way forward.

If you need some guidance regarding digital responsibly you are welcome to contact us!

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