Cross Domain Solutions

Making Impossible Information Exchange Possible

Cross Domain Solutions is becoming an increasingly vital concern. Every day, no matter where you are in the world, news headlines are filled with stories about cyber threats and attacks coming from within and outside of organisations. With the increasing prevalence and complexity of these threats and attacks, today’s technologies are struggling to meet the security challenge.

We believe new thinking should be applied to this pervasive problem. It is time to change the way the security game is played. Traditional technologies are predicated upon a defensive strategy. Leading with the notion of keeping the bad things out but all to often preventing the good from passing through. This strategy does not fit the trend of our ever-increasing connected digital world.


Good versus bad

The ability and need to share all kinds of information will be the new game in the digital world. Our solutions are purpose built with an offensive strategy in mind. This means that we are leading with the idea of how do we exchange good things that need to be shared while keeping the bad things out.

With digital security in the forefront of everyone’s thinking, we know that safe and secure technology is the ticket to the game. Nevertheless, shouldn’t an effective cross domain security strategy yield a bigger organisational benefit? We think it does.


Grow, save, comply

With our solutions, we can help you grow by removing silos enabling increased collaboration and innovation, save by improving workflows and eliminating manual interaction, and comply by guaranteeing strict policy controls and offering traceability, real time auditing and reporting.

ZoneGuard is a hardware platform and software solution that provides information policy enforcement. It simplifies infrastructure protection by providing an innovative bridge for your information exchange gap.
Allows unidirectional information exchange between different security domains in real time and guarantees unidirectional separation between networks.
A self-erasing USB drive designed to transport a limited amount of information. Its unique feature is its ability to completely erase all its content, either manually by the user, or automatically after 24 hours of inactivity.