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Finance & HR


We are responsible for meeting the interests of our shareholders, payments, financial accounting, and presenting all financial reports to the market. Our task is to present an accurate image of the company’s financial status at a given point in time. Focus is on the present and what lies in the future to get the desired financial results but at the same time to look back and learn.

Our goals:

  • Reliable and accurate accounting
  • Efficient and secure financial administration processes
  • Accurate financial statements and reporting

We want to achieve this by providing good service and monitoring laws and regulations.



HRs main goal is to verify that all employment related areas are handled according to legislation. Another thing we work with is finding the right person for the right position – this is essential for the company, and for the development of all employees.

Our goals:

  • We want to make sure that all processes are clear to every employee, so that everyone can follow the same guidelines and procedures.
  • We aim to be an advisor for all managers and employees to guide them in their work and decisions.