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Customer Case

In this section we have collected some of our customer success stories. We describe the challenges the customer was facing and how the different Advenica solutions raised the cybersecurity level, boosted the preparedness for threats and gave the customer increased security insight.


Major energy company secures power with Advenica

Cybersecurity in critical infrastructure – a matter of national interest and business value

Read about how one of the largest energy companies was able to achieve increased security insight, boosted its preparedness for threats and can now report pre-approved cybersecurity solutions to supervising authorities. You can also read about how Advenica’s technology and services enable cost-effective administration without compromising current or future reliability and integrity.


Wiener Netze protects its infrastructure using solutions from Advenica

Extensive protection of Vienna‘s energy infrastructure with solutions from Advenica

Read about how Wiener Netze, the largest combined network operator in Austria, uses Data Diodes from Advenica to provide complete protection for SCADA systems in OT environments. With Advenica’s solution, both full protection and absolutely secure communication are guaranteed.


Securing municipalities' digital communication

Cybersecurity – your responsibility towards your citizens

Read about why municipalities should invest in cybersecurity, how to obtain security insight and how to keep your citizens integrity and privacy safe. With the right solutions, you can eliminate the risk of data leakage and manipulation, import files securely, and securely allow remote access.

Protecting banks' important assets

Cybersecurity – your responsibility towards your clients

Read more about attacks that have targeted banks, new legislation and what you can do to protect banks’ sensitive information. Why you should work with information classification and why you need more than a firewall are other questions that get answers in this case.


Major insurance company secures personal information in data centers with Advenica

Cybersecurity for insurance companies – protecting critical and personal information

Read more about cybersecurity for insurance companies and how they can secure personal and sensitive information! It is important to make sure that leakage of such information is not possible, as this could have devastating effects both business-wise and on a personal level.