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Business Security becomes Advenica

Business Security has today changed its name to Advenica. The company is also broadening its product portfolio within cyber security with solutions for healthcare, public authorities and critical infrastructure. 

The need for solutions for cyber security increases with the need to exchange digital information between public authorities and private companies—communication that must be secure.

Essentially all types of attacks are increasing[1], resulting in a 30 percent increase in costs for fighting cyber crimes in the past year[2]. Dealing with industrial espionage and premeditated sabotage is part of everyday business for many organizations. Awareness of security issues has also increased, especially in the light of the recent debates about organizations such as the NSA.

Advenica is broadening its product portfolio from a focus primarily on military applications, to include solutions for public authorities, organizations and companies with high demands for pro- tecting the integrity of themselves and their clients.

“We have packaged our expert knowledge and experiences from the highest security level and now make it available to a wider range of clients. We also needed a new name, one that is unique and sets us apart on the market,” says Andreas Linde, CEO of Advenica.

Advenica will continue to deliver solutions of the highest security level. The company is one of only four suppliers approved by the European Commission as offering the highest level of security within the EU. 

1 ENISA: Threat Landscape 2013
2 Ponemon: 2013 Cost of Cyber Crime Study: Global Report 

Contact Information
Andreas Linde, CEO, Advenica, andreas.linde@advenica.com +46 708 38 6671 

About Advenica
Advenica is a leading European supplier of cyber security. As an independent, privately owned Swedish company, Advenica develops user-friendly and leading security products and solutions for clients with high security demands, such as military and police organizations, multinational companies and banks. Find out more at: www.advenica.com 

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