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Advenica participates in research project within IoT-security

Advenica is participating in a research project funded by the government authority Vinnova and is run by the Faculty of Engineering (LTH) which is one of the faculties at Lund University. The project, with the working title SECONDS, intends to develop a service to automatically analyse and recommend missing security updates in a system.

Today there are 15 billion connected devices in the world and within five years there will be 28 billion (Ericsson Mobility Report, 2015, https://www.ericsson.com/res/docs/2016/ericsson-mobility-report-2016.pdf). If just one device in every thousands of todays connected devices would lack security updates, it would mean a network with 15 million unsafe products.

“The effect of 15 million affected devices could be devastating because it could be used to sabotage companies, important functions in society and large parts of the internet. Effected units could have an impact on you as an individual since your home might be full of connected devices such as webcams, TV, sound systems and lights. If anyone could access these devices by hacking them, then we could all be monitored. If that happens the intruders can get information about when you are at home, what you do and other habits. Both individuals and companies are at risk.” says Jonas Dellenvall, CTO, Advenica AB.

The wave of digitalisation projects will require that Internet of Things products and solutions are robust and can assure high security. Advenica was selected to participate in LTH’s research project as the company has the highest level of security for cryptographic products, which means that they are approved for EU SECRET communication. Advenica is one out of four companies in the world that have this approval on its VPN encryption products and the only company in Sweden that can manage this level of security.

“Advenica will contribute with expertise and resources to create a better and more secure connected world. LTH’s project is very innovative and challenging. We will contribute with our 20 years of experience within cybersecurity”, says Jonas Dellenvall, CTO, Advenica AB.

LTH’s project addresses a growing problem that must be dealt with. Advenica wants to be in the forefront in this project and contribute to solutions that become commercially available and that safely manage integrity, confidentiality and availability.

“We are very proud that Vinnova has chosen to finance this project which we believe will be crucial for the Internet of Things products. Advenica is a company with great expertise and we share the vision of commercially available and secure solutions. We look forward to the near future and what we can achieve through this project together with Advenica and the other project partners”, says Martin Hell, Lecturer and Project Manager, Department of Electrical and Information Technology, LTH.

Vinnova is funding the project because many smaller companies with industry expertise rarely have the opportunity to become sterling experts on software security, or to employ the necessary skills when part of their services or products are digitalised.

For further information, please contact: Einar Lindquist, CEO Advenica AB, +46 (0)704 29 98 39, einar.lindquist@advenica.com

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