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Advenica launches ZoneGuard PE250 – a new and unique Security Gateway with high security

The new ZoneGuard PE250 from Advenica gives more organisations the opportunity to ensure a secure, bidirectional information exchange, which makes them able to protect their most valuable information. The new ZoneGuard PE250 is Advenica´s next generation of Security Gateways with the same high level of security, but now enhanced with a 10 Gbit interface and upgraded hardware.

The new ZoneGuard PE250 is built to bring high security and to secure digital information exchange for the enterprise market, and especially companies within critical infrastructure. Advenica has produced high assurance cybersecurity products for deference and government customers for nearly 30 years. We saw a similar need among critical infrastructure customers, but the requirements are quite different which is why we built a solution aimed for the enterprise segment.

ZoneGuard PE250 offers a customer-specific, yet simple, information policy-based solution, empowering your need to enable secure, precise information exchange between different security domains. The information transfer stands in focus, compared to network- and traffic-oriented solutions like a firewall. The Advenica ZoneGuard PE250 is an information exchange solution that focuses on your information, and purely the information allowed to be exchanged based on a policy defined by you. An information policy that defines exactly what should be allowed to be transferred across well-defined security domains. This way, the ZoneGuard PE250 prevents intrusion and maintains the integrity and the confidentiality of the network.

“This is an important launch for us with a fantastic product where we take the next step towards the enterprise market with Cross Domain Solution products accessible to more customers. Protecting their valuable information and being able to exchange data securely, is something that every organisation that works with sensitive information needs. The new product shows that Advenica is a leading player when it comes to high-trust solutions for customers with high information security requirements” says Marie Bengtsson, CEO Advenica.

For further information, please contact:
Marie Bengtsson, VD Advenica AB, +46 (0) 703 860 032 marie.bengtsson@advenica.com

The information was submitted for publication, through the agency of the contact person set out above, at 09.35 CET on November 22nd, 2022.

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Advenica’s expertise helps countries, authorities, companies and organisations protect the most important digital information. Our well-proven and trusted cybersecurity solutions isolate networks physically while connecting data securely. Since the start in 1993, we design, develop and manufacture all crypto and segmentation products in Sweden to ensure high assurance. Read about our unique technology and its EU and national approvals at the highest security level at www.advenica.com

Advenica AB is a publicly traded company listed on Nasdaq First North Premier Growth with the name ADVE. Certified Adviser is Redeye AB,  www.redeye.se

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