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Advenica launches secure cloud service in Norway which supports the new EU data protection law

The leading Swedish cybersecurity company Advenica is launching, in cooperation with the Norwegian company Databanken AS, a cloud service for confidential information, specially designed for Norwegian municipalities and authorities. The service follows the new EU data protection law – General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that will replace Data Protection Directive (DPD) and its national implementations, in May 2018. 

Advenica’s solution provides a stronger protection of the subscriber, as well as for those who handle the registration or process the personal data, with a unique encryption solution for managing the sensitive information. The solution ensures that sensitive data is safely transferred from a municipality or authority to the actual storage, without the supplier being able to gain access to read or in any other way manipulate the information.

“Handling personal data in a cloud service and not least in social media is a complex area. In the near future companies can be fined up to four percent of their global income and up to 20 million Euros if they don’t follow the new EU data protection law. At Advenica, we already offer services that prevents sensitive information that needs to be protected from ending up in the wrong hands”, says Einar Lindquist, CEO, Advenica AB.

GDPR is relevant for companies that collect, process or store personal data. The law applies to companies operating in the EU and non-EU organisations – all those who have business relations with an organisation that’s active in the EU or stores data in any EU country. This is to ensure the protection being as comprehensive as possible for EU citizens. 

The Data Protection Regulation will replace the former Data Protection Act (PUL) based on the previous EU directive Data Protection Directive (DPD). The aim of the new data protection regulation is to efficiently modernise data protection rules in the 28 EU member countries that have lagged behind in the digital development.

In recent decades the technology has undergone a tremendous development and the time has come to introduce new revolutionary solutions that enable big savings and increase safety for the continuously increasing amount of data in the public sector. Today´s technology platforms make it possible to design solutions that can be a part of the foundation for national standardization, based on intelligent use of today´s standard solutions with a very high degree of flexibility regarding existing local solutions within the public sector. It’s a great advantage that already developed platforms (e.g. Altinn, Feide and HELFO) for different kinds of services can easily be integrated with Databankens services and products.

“The services that Advenica offers are used by nations and their security organisations. We are very proud to be the first ones offering future-proof solutions for Norwegian municipalities and authorities which will be legislated in the EU in 2018”, says Ernst M. Carlsen, CEO, Databanken AS. 

In October 2015 Advenica entered into a strategic cooperation with Databanken, which provides cloud-based solutions to their customers in Norway. 

Based on guidance on information security by the Norwegian data protection authority, the Norwegian public sector has in the last 20 years built safe and secure solutions after their best capabilities with the available technology. This has resulted in hundreds of installations across the country that currently is operated, maintained, upgraded and renewed locally in 600 governmental, 19 county municipal and 428 municipal organisations within information and communication technology.

About Databanken

Databanken delivers secure cloud solutions. The concept is created and built by Technet Consulting AS who have more than 20 years of experience and skills as a supplier of services and products to government, county municipal and municipal users. Databanken combines and configures existing products from manufacturers like Advenica, HP, Microsoft, Citrix and VMware in a smart way with components from manufacturers of security and encryption technology. www.databanken.global

For further information, please contact:

Einar Lindquist, CEO Advenica AB, +46 (0)704 29 98 39, einar.lindquist@advenica.com
Ernst M. Carlsen, CEO Databanken AS +47 95 22 83 22, emc@databank1.no                     

The service can be ordered at Advenica’s website www.advenica.com/partners 

About Advenica

Advenica is a leading European provider of cybersecurity. Advenica develops, manufactures and sells advanced cyber security solutions that prevent intrusions, theft and data leakage at information exchanges and therefore enables interaction between and within nations, organisations and systems with high security requirements. www.advenica.com

Advenica AB is a publicly traded company listed on Nasdaq OMQ First North Premier with the name ADVE. Certified Adviser is Erik Penser Bankaktiebolag. www.penser.se

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