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Official approval at the highest level of security

Advenica solutions have been awarded several prestigious approvals by the European Union, national certification bodies and international IT security certification bodies. We also hold US patent for our VPN technology, Three Domain Separation.

Certifications and approvals

Below is a growing list of current approvals and accreditations.

Swedish Armed Forces

SigCom system MGEI Arana SE is approved by the Swedish Armed Forces for national use up to and including Swedish SECRET/TOP SECRET and for NATO SECRET RELEASABLE TO EU.

SecuriCDS Data Diode DD1000A and SecuriCDS Data Diode DD1000i are approved by the Swedish Armed Forces with component assurance level N3, which e.g. handles data up to and including level SECRET, according to the Swedish Armed Forces’ Requirements for IT-Security Functions (KSF).

European Union

The SigCom system Arana EU is approved by the European Union up to and including SECRET UE/EU SECRET.

National evaluator: Swedish National Crypto Approval Authority

Second-party evaluator: Dutch National Communications Security Agency (NBV)

Full information is available on the Council of the European Union.


Due to the mutual recognition agreement between the EU and NATO, the MGEI Arana signal protection system is also approved for NATO SECRET RELEASABLE TO EU.

Temporary agreement on cryptographic mutual acceptance between NATO and Sweden during CMX 2016.


NCSC-FI determines that the DD1000i data diode can be used for data transfer between networks of different security levels up to and including the level of SALAINEN/SECRET.


Network encryption from the SecuriVPN product family has been approved by the Austrian National Communication Security Authority (NCSA) up to and including the AUT GEHEIM/SECRET level.

Advenica’s SecuriCDS Data Diode has been approved by the Bundesministerium für Landesverteidigung and thus has national security accreditation in Austria.

Non-public approvals in other countries

SecuriVPN and the data diodes DD1000A and DD1000i have non-public national approvals in other European countries. These approvals may only be given to persons and organisations within the countries concerned.


SecuriVPN has been assigned the class SDIP 27, Level A by TEMPEST.

U.S. Patent Three Domain Separation

Our Three Domain Separation is since 2015 awarded with an U.S. Patent. The technology is a unique innovation that prevents IT administrators from accessing sensitive information. The patent is granted by United States Patent and Trademark Office. Patent number 9015825.

Corporate Certifications

We are committed to keeping high standards in terms of everything we do to meet and exceed the needs of our customers and other stakeholders. We therefore use international standards for quality and environmental management systems.

ISO 14001: 2015

Our environmental management certificate helps us minimise and continuously improve our affect on the environment and our compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

ISO 9001: 2015

As an ISO 9001 certified organisation we have implemented quality management system requirements throughout our business to help us improve our performance and our customer satisfaction.

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