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Corporate responsibility

Sustainability policy

Advenica values sustainability and we constantly try to develop our work with making our organisation as sustainable as possible. To keep track of our actions to make this progress, Advenica has a sustainability policy that describes and communicates Advenica’s ambitions in sustainable development. The main purpose of the policy is to set guidelines for how we conduct sustainability work. Our work should contribute to sustainable development and be an integral and natural part of our business, based on participation and involvement.

Advenica strives for continuous improvement with clear objectives for promoting sustainable development. We focus on the following areas to achieve well-functioning sustainability work:

  • Economic sustainability, business ethics and good business practices
  • Social sustainability
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Quality management
  • Information responsibility
  • Digital responsibility
  • Responsibility to prevent inappropriate influences


Digital Responsibility

Advenica works with customers that have the highest security demands. This entails that we have established and thoroughly reviewed processes to handle digital information.

Our goal is to take digital responsibilities as well as information responsibility seriously. Taking digital responsibility means working with information management in a proactive and sustainable manner. Advenica always takes into account the needs of our customers, partners, suppliers and employees for privacy and confidentiality of information that concerns them, as well as moral and ethical aspects when managing information.


Environmental policy

Advenica works for a sustainable development of the environment. Advenica therefor aims to minimise its environmental imprint and that of its products during their entire life cycle. As a part of our environmental work, we have taken actions that has certified us according to ISO14001.



As Advenica works with high security, the quality of our products and processes must always be ensured. In addition, the level of customer satisfaction is directly related to our ability to support our customers’ needs. That is why continuous work with quality is central. During our continuous work with quality, we have been certified according to ISO9001.


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