Network Encryptors

Protecting the heart of your business

When geographically scattered organisations share information and data over open networks, such as the Internet, they are facing the risk of data intrusion and manipulation.

Advenica's hardware based network encryptors enable organisations to extend their protected IP networks securely over an untrusted network. By creating a kind of secure tunnel through an untrusted network, it becomes possible for organisations to securely send classified information over the Internet. The encrypted tunnel prevents all kinds of unauthorised data access and manipulation.

Advenica's state-of-the art VPN (Virtual Private Network) encryptors meet government, military and multinationals' stringent requirements for VPN security on IP-based networks and have been approved for use in the European Union up to and including the security level EU SECRET.

Ranging from portable, rugged military units, to solutions addressing the security needs of large, global enterprises, our encryption products are network and bandwidth compatible and are constantly optimised to meet current and future customer security needs.

The following solutions are offered for network encryption

SecuriVPN is a hardware-based network encryptor that meets government, military and multinationals' stringent requirements for VPN security on IP-based networks.
Advenica's network encryptor solution SecuriVPN Arana provides the strongest possible IP-network protection and has been approved by the European Union for use up to the highest information classification level, EU SECRET.
The first communication solution with integrated protection against the most advanced digital attacks.
SecuriVPN VTC100A is a complete solution for secure videoconferencing. It is based on Cisco’s well-proven telepresence system, offering a scalable and cost-effective approach to secure videoconferencing that fits most organisations.