Members of the committee will assist in establishing new standards and technical reports as well as reviewing, suggesting changes and updates to international standards within the area of Information Security. The most known standard within the area is probably the ISO 27001 on establishing an Information Security Management System within a company. The 27000 series also have a number of other standards covering different aspects within information security such as security risk management, cloud security and cybersecurity.

”Information Security is a very active area in terms of technology changes, at the same time best practices does exist and a more slowly changing body of knowledge have been formed which can be captured into standards and guidelines.“, says Anders Strömberg, VP Marketing, Advenica AB. „Working within the committee provides Advenica a possibility to contribute with our long experience to the development of standards and better support our customers in their adoption of existing and future standards. Advenica consider the development of useful and practical standards as an essential cornerstone for the future of cybersecurity. To be part of the work to address the overall challenge of keeping our society more secure from an information perspective is a good strategy all together.”

Advenica is from October 7th 2015 a part of the technical committee TK 318 at Swedish Standards Institute (SIS).

About Advenica

Advenica is a leading European provider of cybersecurity. Advenica develops, manufactures and sells advanced cyber security solutions that prevent intrusions, theft and data leakage at information exchanges and therefore enables interaction between and within nations, organisations and systems with high security requirements.

Advenica AB is a publicly traded company listed on Nasdaq OMQ First North Premier with the name ADVE. Certified Adviser is Erik Penser Bankaktiebolag.

About SIS

SIS, Swedish Standards Institute is a member-based, non-profit association specialized in national and international standards. The market leader in standards in Sweden, SIS is recognized for its professionalism, expertise and openness in relation to customers, employees, suppliers and partners. If we add customer benefit and job satisfaction, we have cited all the key values that define SIS. Our subsidiary publishing arm, SIS Förlag AB, publishes and sells standards and manuals, as well as offering training and consulting services.