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Advenica enters strategic partnership with link22

Cybersecurity company Advenica and link22 enters a strategic partnership in the area of Cross Domain Solutions.

The partnership between Advenica and link22 applies to several areas, including development, sales and customer support for the jointly developed data diode: SecuriCDS DD1000i. The collaboration will enable customers to access a flexible solution in which link22 stands for the development of the services on Advenica’s platform. The aim is to give customers a flexible, robust and high-quality solution offered to a competitive price. Both companies have extensive experience in developing security solutions for demanding applications and know what it means to develop for the most demanding customers.

”The process to design and develop the product together with link22 has been very smooth with the focus to meet customer needs. link22 has shown great competence and willingness to adapt and optimize our joint solution. We look forward to further develop the functionality of SecuriCDS DD1000i continuously in collaboration with customers and link22. We have already seen that we together are a strong team that can solve customers’ problems in an effective way.”, says Anders Strömberg, VP Marketing, Advenica.

”Advenica has quickly developed design and production of a hardware platform that has proved to meet the high demands of our customers. Advenica’s capacity to provide a Swedish-made solution is unique and allows us to deliver our software services with the confidence and robustness that our customers expect. We look forward to a long-term cooperation to further develop our joint solution.”, says Conny Ljungqvist, CEO, link22.

For further information, please contact: Einar Lindquist, CEO, +46 (0)704-29 98 39, einar.lindquist@advenica.com

About SecuriCDS DD1000i
SecuriCDS DD1000i includes integrated hardware for proxies and can be mounted in a 19″ rack system (height: 1U). The Advenica diode proxy takes data protection to a higher level. By offering a powerful solution for efficient, risk free data transfer between closed and open networks, proxies are designed, developed and tested to meet the requirements for interacting with highly sensitive information.

About Advenica

Advenica is a leading European provider of cybersecurity. Advenica develops, manufactures and sells advanced cyber security solutions that prevent intrusions, theft and data leakage at information exchanges and therefore enables interaction between and within nations, organisations and systems with high security requirements. www.advenica.com

Advenica AB is a publicly traded company listed on Nasdaq OMQ First North Premier with the name ADVE. Certified Adviser is Erik Penser Bankaktiebolag. www.penser.se

About link22

link22 develops, implements and maintains security and system solutions for clients who demand the highest levels of security. Our many years of experience of working with the Swedish defence industry, has made us one of the leading specialists in advanced IT security. www.link22.se

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