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Advenica offers webinars to share our knowledge about cybersecurity.

Coming webinars

We have no upcoming webinars at the moment, but have a look below at our previous webinars!


Previous webinars


Myths about cybersecurity - what is true or not?

November 24th 2021

With new breaches and hacks, inadequate cybersecurity preparedness could result in a catastrophic outcome. So, how do you stay ahead of things? First, by knowing what's real and what's misinformation!

Despite the increased focus on security today, several myths and misconceptions about cybersecurity all too often prevents businesses from investing in the appropriate level of solutions to protect the most valuable information. 

Listen to our morning webinar where our Vice President Product Management Thomas Carnehult explains what is true and not when it comes to cybersecurity myths. 



Advenica Insight – Focus on cyber defence

November 10th 2021

Listen to the recording of our digital event Advenica Insight and hear how you can tackle different cyber threats, what you need to know about attacks to protect yourself, and how cyber defence for a country is built.



Windows update in a high-security environment

October 14th 2021

Listen to our morning webinar and learn about solutions for secure updates! Updates for Windows and Linux systems are an important part of maintaining the security of the digital information in these systems. However, the updates themselves may be a security risk! To avoid these risks and maintain the security of the systems and be able to make secure updates, special solutions are required.

Listen to the first of our morning webinars during cybersecurity month and hear our technical expert Martin Björnsson who speaks about which solutions you should use for secure updates! 



Do recent cyber supply chain attacks make you worried? Learn 5 ways to secure your infrastructure!

October 6th 2021

What are cyber supply chain attacks, why do you need to worry about them and how do you protect yourself against them? Learn from our technical experts Sami Hyytiäinen and Magnus Kullström how importing files such as updates and remote connections can be a major security risk and what measures can be used to manage the risks.



Advenica Insight 2021

May 11th 2021

During this event you get insight and understanding of success stories from different parts of the cybersecurity market, but also about pitfalls and lessons learned along the way. Listen to experiences and lessons learned from colleagues who have used cybersecurity solutions but also to experts informing about best practice as well trends.


Session 1 - Introduction



Session 2 - Theme: The challenges for the OT industry



Session 3 - Theme: The challenges for national security and authorities 



Session 4 - Theme: The challenges for national security and authorities (continuation)



Other webinars


Cryptography - is the quantum apocalypse inevitable?

October 19th 2017

This webinar seeks to answer two fundamental questions: ‘Is the quantum apocalypse inevitable?’ and ‘Is there anything we can do about it?’. 



Effective threat mitigation strategies

November 8th 2017

Listen to our webinar where we talk about effective threat mitigation in a changing world. We will walk you through the political development and its impact on the development of IT security. You will also get a deeper understanding of the benefits of handling cybersecurity as an ongoing process.