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Approved for Secret UE/EU Secret

Advenica's network encryptor SecuriVPN Arana provides customers with the strongest possible IP-network protection and is approved by the European Union for use up to and including the highest information classification level, EU SECRET. Advenica's solution SecuriVPN Arana is approved by EU to SECRET UE/EU SECRET.



Certified IP communication system for the world’s most demanding customers

SecuriVPN ISA is a hardware based quantum-secure network encryptor that provides the means for truly private communication within a geographically scattered organisation or between temporary multi-organisations. Such private communication, to be compared to a sealed off tunnel, enables data to be sent and received across untrusted networks, all while preventing advanced attackers e.g. state-funded attackers, from reading or changing the data.


Sustainable Communication Privacy

The cyber threat aimed at your digital communication, such as Human-to-Machine (H2M), Machine-to-Machine (M2M), Internet-of-Things (IoT) or tactical defence communication, get increasingly sophisticated and advanced. The news more and more frequently report major security incidents. It is evident that a solution designed to withstand current and future cyber challenges is essential.


Groundbreaking cybersecurity innovation

The cost of managing VPN deployments grows exponentially without central management possibilities. The obvious benefit of central management is the possibility to rationalise the deployment, monitoring and management of VPN installations.


As your true asset is information, ZoneGuard is designed to focus on information security rather that network security. Securely transferring correct and validated information using a allowlisting approach automatically solves network security in the cross domain exchange.

ZoneGuard only forwards received information when it complies with your organisation's information policy. The information policy implemented in ZoneGuard defines accepted structure, format, types, values and even digital signatures and how information has to comply.


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