Advenica receives order for services worth 3,8 MSEK from Finnish authority

Advenica has received an extended order from a Finnish authority. The deal refers to services and is worth 3,8 MSEK over three years.

Advenica has extensive experience in working with customers who demand solutions that protect the most sensitive information. To protect such information, data diodes is the most secure option. The function of a data diode is to allow data to pass forward, while blocking data in the opposite direction. And since it is not software, it cannot be directly attacked by malware, resulting in high security. Every organisation that uses sensitive information has a great use of a data diode to protect its valuable information and to achieve a secure exchange of data.

An order for services linked to previously delivered data diodes, has now been received from a Finnish authority. The order will provide Advenica with recurring revenue for 3 years.

”We are proud that the Finnish authorities choose us as a supplier of cybersecurity solutions to protect their critical information” says Sami Hyytiäinen, Country Manager Advenica Oy.

For further information, please contact:
Sami Hyytiäinen, Country Manager Advenica Oy, +358 405 164 229, sami.hyytiainen@advenica.com

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