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We will help you with your security challenges

We can help you with your security challenges.
Based on your specific challenges, we define the right level of security and design and develop the products so that they suit your specific needs.

Advenica's products can often be used as they are or with minor adaptations. If you need more tailored solutions according to your specific needs, we will start a cybersecurity project together.


This is how a cybersecurity project works with us

When we start a cybersecurity project together with our customers, it is usually the following steps that the project needs to go through:







We help you with your security challenges


To be able to do a pre-study, you need to have insight into what type of cybersecurity is needed and what needs there are in your organisation. You need to identify your security challenges and conduct a classification of the information. By doing a risk and security analysis, all loopholes can be detected and you can quickly and efficiently map your current information security and your future needs.

What we do at Advenica during this step in the process is to analyse your identified security challenges. We also identify zones and identify and analyse traffic flows. All to ensure that the right level of security can be defined.

What you get from us after this step in the process is a documentation of the desired situation so that you can take this further for an internal decision. 


In the design phase, we review which solutions and products that are suitable for your specific needs. What different solutions are needed and what possible adjustments need to be made if we are to achieve the desired situation from the pre-study? What combination of products is needed to meet security requirements and create a secure environment?

You will then receive a cost estimate for the upcoming phases as well as a schedule. If a completely new solution is needed, you will receive a quote on what it will cost to develop adaptations and configurations. You will also receive drawings and technical descriptions of the proposed security solution as well as advice on possible consequences of the new solution, such as new ways of working.




In this step, the products are adapted according to the agreed requirements specification so that your specific security needs are met.

This step is often not needed, as existing products and solutions can be used through minor adaptations and you can go directly to the next step. Our products are designed to cover a variety of scenarios and can in most cases be used directly. We can also tailor and adapt solutions for all needs. Advenica's platform has a flexible design and thus supports customer-specific situations such as the need to handle proprietary protocols. An example could be when existing equipment that has been in an isolated environment is now to be integrated into a more open network.

Read more about our product development with high assurance in our White Paper.


This last step means that the selected security solutions must be implemented in your environment. This involves installation and configuration, but also testing to ensure that the solutions work as they should. You need to do acceptance testing and validation, where the solution is fully used in its proper environment before we can assess that the project is completely completed. The security solution is then handed over to those who will handle it in the future. They can contact us at Advenica when they need support or experience some kind of problem! 




We have the cybersecurity solutions you need


What are your security challenges?

  • Do you need to integrate IT and OT systems?
  • Are you dependent on remote access via RDP?
  • Do you want to be able to transfer socially critical information from, for example, a SCADA system?

Read more about how our solutions can help you with these and similar challenges:



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